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See what the world is saying about STRIVR

College Gameday

College Gameday calls STRIVR’s virtual reality training “a game changer” for football teams

Fox NFL Sunday

Commentators Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch show how the Arizona Cardinals are using STRIVR to get better.


MNF announcer Jon Gruden uses STRIVR during the live broadcast and talks about why QBs love the technology


  • "I've seen just about everything out there and there's nothing like this."

    — Trent Dilfer, 2001 Super Bowl Champion Quarterback
  • "This is a game-changer."

    — Brett Bielema, Head Coach, Arkansas
  • "Eventually everyone is going to want to have this. This puts us ahead of the curve."

    — Buddy Teevens, Head Coach, Dartmouth
  • "It's as close to a practice rep as possible."

    — Gus Malzahn, Head Coach, Auburn